The Soprano’s patented SHR technology works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle. This means that hair follicles don’t have to be exposed to a single pulse of high energy, which can injure the skin and cause the patient pain and suffering.

At the same time, the Soprano protects the surrounding tissue.

Laser Hair Removal

"Experience the ultimate in laser hair removal with the Alma Soprano Platinum - the coolest solution for smooth, hair-free skin."


Experience the remarkable results of the Alma Soprano Platinum, a revolutionary device that offers exceptional hair removal and skin rejuvenation benefits. The Soprano Ice Machine utilizes advanced technology to deliver effective and long-lasting results, making it a preferred choice for both professionals and clients.

One of the key benefits of the Soprano Platinum is its ability to provide virtually painless hair removal. The machine combines the cooling sensation of an ice applicator with the gentle heating power of laser energy, resulting in a comfortable and pleasant treatment experience. Unlike traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing or shaving, the Soprano Platinum offers a permanent reduction of unwanted hair, making it an excellent investment in long-term smoothness.


XSMALL AREAS (15 mins)

  • $100 single or $499 6 pack : Upper lip, chin, side burns, between brows, ears, naval line, nose, toes, fingers.

SMALL AREAS (20 mins)

  • $200 single or $999 6 pack : Under arms, neck, full face, bikini.

MEDIUM AREAS (30 mins)

  • $300 single or $1499 6 pack : Lower Arms, Abdomen, Brazilian, Lower Legs 

LARGE AREAS (45 mins)

  • $400 single or $1999 6 pack : Full Arms, Chest, Back, Upper Legs.

XLARGE AREA (60 mins)

  • $450 single or $2250 6 pack : Full Legs with Toes, Back with Neck.


  • Contact us. Looking to customize a package with multiple areas? Reach out to us to create a discounted package!


Pre Care

  • ⁃Avoid sun exposure 3-7 days prior to treatment
  • ⁃We will not treat areas that are sunburnt, this can cause further damage to your skin
  • ⁃DO NOT self tan 7 days prior to your appointment on treatment area
  • ⁃Exfoliate treatment area prior to shaving before your appointment to rid of any built up dead skin and/or products on the skin.
  • ⁃DO NOT apply any numbing products, this is a virtually PAIN FREE laser and is very tolerable and comfortable.
  • ⁃Please come to the clinic with clean skin in the area being treated, clients getting treated on their face will be required to cleanse their face at the clinic.
  • ⁃AVOID chemical peels and other laser procedures in the area to be treated at least 2 weeks prior and at least 2 weeks after your hair removal treatment.
  • ⁃DO NOT use any AHA/BHA, hydroquinone, retinol/retinoid, tazorac, and Differin for at least 7 days prior to treatment on the area being treated.
  • ⁃Clients with any abnormal lesions, moles or spots on the treatment area will need to be cleared by a medical professional prior to treatment or area will be avoided.
  • ⁃MUST stop waxing, tweezing, plucking and chemical epilation (nair) at least 3 weeks prior to treatment. Not doing so WILL effect your results.
  • ⁃Clients with active cold sores will NOT be treated
  • ⁃Clients that have used Accutane or similar products within the last 6 months CANNOT have hair removal treatments.
  • ⁃Wait 2 weeks post botox to receive laser hair removal on the face
  • ⁃Antibiotics, and any other medications may increase photosensitivity. We recommend that you check with your personal physician prior to receiving laser treatments if you are taking any of these medications long-term. If you are on a short term antibiotic, please wait 7 days after ending your round of antibiotics to book laser hair removal.

Post Care

  • DO NOT expose treated area to direct sunlight or tanning beds for at least
  • ⁃DO NOT use hot tubs, sauna, steam rooms for at least 48 hours
  • ⁃DO NOT wax, pluck, use depilatory creams (Nair) on treated area in between sessions, doing so will effect your end results and may require you to have more sessions performed.
  • ⁃DO NOT shave the treated area immediately, if possible, please avoid shaving between sessions, if you need to, wait at least 5 days, you want full growth between sessions and only shaving 24 hours prior to your appointment in order to achieve optimal results.
  • ⁃DO NOT use harsh, abrasive exfoliants on the treated area
  • ⁃DO NOT swim in chlorinated pools or saltwater for at least 48 hours
  • ⁃DO NOT use scented, perfumed products in/on treated areas
  • ⁃DO NOT engage in strenuous activities for 24 hours
  • ⁃DO NOT use sunless tanning products, spray tans for 2 weeks
  • ⁃DO NOT hesitate to reach out to your laser tech for further clarification or questions

How the Alma Soprano Works

The Alma Soprano removes unwanted hair by targeting the hair follicle.*1 The laser is able to achieve this by targeting the melanin within the hair follicle and heating it up to the point of damage.*

Another aspect of Alma Soprano that is of benefit to patients is that the laser is typically safe for all skin type. Many earlier laser technologies for hair removal can cause skin discoloration, especially in patients with darker skin tones. However, because of the unique technology behind the Alma Soprano, the hair removal treatments are safe for all skin types and can be performed any time of year.

What the Alma Soprano Treats

Alma Soprano was designed specifically for laser hair removal. This advanced laser can yield favorable outcomes on virtually any part of the body. For example, providers have used this Alma laser to help patients get rid of hair on the legs, chest, arms, back, bikini area, and arm pits, among others.

Is Alma Soprano Safe?

Yes, when administered by expert providers, laser hair removal with the Alma Soprano is a safe procedure. Most patients experience no significant discomfort and only feel a warming sensation on the skin, as the device is passed across the treatment area. This is in large part due to special cooling technology built into this hair removal laser, which makes the treatment comfortable and prevents damage to healthy tissues.

How Long do Treatment Results Last?

Laser hair removal treatments with the Alma Soprano provide outcomes that are long lasting, once the follicle has been damaged.

What to Expect During Treatment?

When you come in for your Alma Soprano laser hair removal, Please have the treatment area shaved at least 24 hours prior to arriving to your appointment. If the area is not shaved, your appointment will be rescheduled. This is an important step during the process, to avoid heating the hair on the surface on the skin, as that could cause skin damage.

Ultra sound gel will be applied to the skin, which will help keep the skin cool and allow your provider to move the laser device on the treatment area more easily.

Before the actual laser treatment starts, your provider will give you protective eyewear, and will then begin gently moving the laser across the treatment area. It is common to hear a beeping sound during.

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