Stusya is now certified In fine line/tiny tattoos and will be offering her very talented services at the studio. Please read over all of our FAQ on tiny tattoos below before booking!

Please read before Booking!

Flash Tattoos - $80

A flash tattoo is a design that we have ready and available at the studio and would not be considered customized. We will have our Flash Tattoo options below for viewing. 

These tattoos can be in Black or Red ink and can be 2 inches max in size.

No alterations can be made to these.

Custom Tattoos - $80+

Please email us your tattoo inspo to prior to your appointment. If you are wanting any form of writing, please email us the writing in the font that you would like and it must be in black writing.

These tattoos can be in Black or Red ink and the price will be reflected based off the desired tattoo size/complexity.



All by Stusya Ustinova


If you are wanting to send in your own art/tattoo idea, you must submit it below; Your Name, Size, Location and Photo of the Tattoo/Art to

Custom Tattoos start at $80.



These can be 2 inches max, and must be booked under FLASH TATTOO on our online booking page.

These tattoos CANNOT be altered, that would then be considered a customized tattoo and must be pre-approved.

If you are wanting a word, please send a copy of the word/letter in the desired font to prior to your scheduled appointment.

tattoo aftercare

How your fine lie tattoo heals, will be dependant on your aftercare.

- Remove second skin bandage 4 days after the day tattoo was done
- The easiest way to remove it will be to make it wet with warm water, avoid hot water. You can do it in the shower, just make sure the water is not hot and don't rub your fresh tattoo, gently wash it with no scent soap, wash off
 all the blood and plasma that may be there.

- Apply a very thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream. Do it twice a day, don't over moisturize your tattoo. After day
4-5 you can apply more aftercare cream as it will start peeling, peeling is normal.

- Avoid swimming (pool, sauna, hot tub, steam room, lake, river, sea...) for at least 2 weeks. This may cause infection.

- Avoid bright sun for at least 2 weeks to a month. Bright sun will make your tattoo fade very fast. Same as tanning/ sunrooms, and laser hair removal is prohibited, may damage your tattoo.

- Don't touch tattooed area, don't pick, scratch snd don't try to peel your tattoo!

- Wash your hands before every time you apply aftercare cream.

- Don't wear tight clothes on your tattooed area.

- Avoid sleeping on your tattoo.

tattoo touch-ups

Fine Line Tattoos involve a single needle, and most times this technique of tattoo will require a touch-up due to parts of the tattoo fading. Touch-ups are not included, and start at $50.

Poor pigment retention can be due to poor aftercare of the tattoo, or skin type At times, but not to worry, we offer touch-ups For these cases!

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